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Monday Motivation: Setting My Goals

Monday Motivation: Setting My Goals

                Those of you that’ve read this blog before, follow me on FaceBook and Twitter, and who know me personally know that I talk a lot about setting a goal and sticking to it. I have several favorite goal setting quotes:

“There’s no crime in not reaching your goal; only in failing to set one.” –Ken Chertow

“Goals seem like false summits. You reach the top of one only to discover there’s another one a little higher.” –Erik Weihenmayer

These are probably my two favorite goal related quotes. Both have served me well through my young life thus far. I keep them handy in a document of motivational quotes that I look at every so often to get a little mental boost.

Goals serve a lot of purposes. They keep our mind focused while we push through the hard times. I scream from the mountaintops about “It’s not the destination, but the journey that makes the trip worthwhile.” I believe this. But the only way we can enjoy the journey is by first setting a goal. Afterall, we like to be rewarded at the end of our journey.

                The first quote, by Ken Chertow, has served me well since the summer before my junior year of high school. Over the course of my first two years of wrestling I’d compiled the steller record of…wait for it…15 wins and 20 losses. Oh yeah! I was a state champ in the making. I thought I was a lot better than I was. However, that wasn’t good enough for me. I was, and still am, competitive. I wanted to be better and win more matches than I lost.

                So the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school I attended Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camp. And I learned that I had a long way to go before I could call myself a wrestler. I had my face ground into the mat. My body ached and it felt like my muscles were being torn from the bone. I tripped and fell on my face more than once. I have the distinct bragging right of being able to say that Olympic Bronze Medalist Nate Carr crossfaced me so hard that my lips were shredded for the duration of the week.

                Eventually I met the larger than life Ken Chertow. Coach Chertow was intense and extremely high energy. He breathed a confidence and determination into the wrestlers that he trained. I was no exception. Coach Chertow and I talked only once or twice that first camp, but he told me that I could become a good wrestler. But I needed to get stronger and work on my technique. He told me to set myself a goal for the upcoming season and stick to it. I had to dedicate my mind and body to reaching that goal.

                So I signed up for Beginner and Intermediate weight training for my gym classes that year in school. I hit the books hard every day—I was taking three Advanced Placement courses—and I went into the wrestling room every day after school to practice the techniques I’d learned at Ken’s camp.

                My goal for the year was to make it to the Regional Tournament. I’d wrestled a State Qualifier from Georgia at camp and I’d been so overmatched that I knew I had a long way to go. I pushed through some tough losses and a knee injury but went into Districts with a 4-3 record. I went 2-1 and took third place at Districts. I was going to Regionals. I’d reached my goal.

                I finished that season with an overall record of 7-6, having gone 1-2 at Regionals. But now my appetite was wetted and it was time to set a higher and more challenging goal.

                One thing that really helped me accomplish that and several other goals was writing them down. I’m currently reading the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Why? I thought you’d never ask. I want to have money so I can support my wife to be, so we can have our own house, a family, send our kids to college, and yes, so I can have toys and go on killer climbing trips. But I digress.

                I read a statistic in Ramsey’s book about one study of Harvard graduates. In the study, three percent of people that wrote down their goals reached and exceeded them. This three percent of people also were financially more wealthy than the other 97 percent COMBINED.

                I believe it. I’ve set goals and not written them down and have fallen short. But I’ve also written down goals and gone above and beyond. The key is to write them down and have them visible. So hanging them on the fridge doesn’t do any good for me. But it might for you.

                For me I need to be constantly reminded of my goals. So I need to write them down and put them somewhere where I will read them, or someone else will remind me of them every day.

                This morning I saw on FaceBook that my friend, Terry, had posted his results of the Iron Man 70.3 that he’d just competed in. And he’d also set himself a goal of completing an Iron Man next year. I like Terry’s approach. So at the end of this post I’ve posted some basic goals of my own. But I don’t want you to just read my goals. I want you to set yourself some goals too.

                I want you to write down your goals and put them somewhere where you are going to look at them multiple times a day. On the fridge, microwave, in your wallet, hanging above the TV…I don’t care. But here’s the kicker. I want you to pick the goal that you most desire to reach and I want you to post it on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…whatever. You can even post to my FaceBook page

or Tweet at me

When you post to me on FaceBook, or Tweet at me, tell us your goal and when you plan to reach it. Then come back and let us know your progress. Set long and short term goals. And then start your journey on trying to reach those goals.

Spoiler Alert: Tomorrow’s blog post will be on how to reach our goals.

Kyle Coon Goals:


Get a payed job by 09/01/2013.


Long Term:

Ride 30 miles in 1 hour by 08/05/2014.

Compete in a time trial.

Short Term:

Ride 25 miles in 1 hour by 02/05/2014.

Don’t let me forget about them now.

Until next time.

Kyle Coon

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