Friday, March 12, 2010

Gore-Tex Sponsorship and Other News

It's been a while since we've used this Blog, but a lot has been going on and it's been tough to sit down and jot down some thoughts about it. But now i've got a spare moment or two to tell all our Blog Fans about what's been going on.

In July 2009 Brad Jaffke, Justin Grant, Peter Green, Joseph Mayfield and Ben Meyer went to Washington to do some training climbs. They successfully climbed and summitted both Mt Rainier and Mt Adams. Brad, justin, Joe and myself then all returned to school in August/September so we went on a little vacation for a while. Brad, Justin and myself were invited on a trip to Mexico that we had to turn down due to complications with scheduling, but we avidly all started planning our Summer 2010 trip.
Around Winter Break time while Brad, Peter and I were abusing the snow slopes in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Oregon/Washington, Peter discovered the "experience More Challenge" hosted my Gore-Tex. Essentially what this was was a Photo voting contest to see which person had the best photos doing a certain outdoor activity they enjoyed. The one with the most votes would win a $10K prize to support that person in an endeavor of his/her choosing. Needless to say Peter entered the competition but entered it as a member of Team Sight Unseen and made it clear to Gore-tex that he was in this contest for the Team. Team Sight Unseen (Peter green) received the most votes and we were awarded $10K in early February. Currently Gore-Tex is helping us make arrangements so that we can travel to Wyoming during a week in August to make an attempt on Ganet Peak in the Wind River Range. We've have also outlined a goal that we are aiming for. Whereas before we felt we wanted to climb Mt McKinley (Denali) we have since grown wiser and decided to make an attempt on another one of the "Seven Summits," Aconcagua (tallest mountain in South America).
We hope to be able to make an attempt on Aconcagua in the winter of 2011-2012 (the South American summer). Plans for this particular expedition wil be coming up after our attempt of Ganet Peak in August.
I'd like to take this time and thank everyone who voted for us in the "experience More Challenge" and I would especially like to extend a thank you to W.L Gore and Associates for hosting this contest and giving us the opportunity to forge ahead with our trip plans.
Team Sight Unseen is also now on FaceBook. Please search for our Fan page on FaceBook and show your support by becoming a Fan and checking the page fo regular updates. Don't forget to keep checking the website and FaceBook Page for the latest in team Sight Unseen News. And please keep checking this Blog as well.
Thank you all.

Climb High!