Sunday, October 10, 2010

Team Sight Unseen 236 mile proposed bike ride

There's been a lot going on. We're working on putting together our trip report of our climb of Gannett Peak back in August. We need to get that plus some pictures off to W.L Gore and Associates before we post it up on the website, blog or facebook. But I'd like to take some time to tell a little bit about a proposed trip that Peter Green and I have been cooking up.
Pete and I are very much into cycling and have been spitt balling about a possible long distance bike ride to do together. We're in the final planning stages of this proposed ride.
The first week of January 2011 Pete and I plan to leave from Jacksonville, FL and ride a 236 mile loop through Northeast Florida which will take us through several towns, and Osceola National fForest. We have an option to ride three or four days depending on how we feel. It will be a long and tiring trip with several different challenges different from those in the mountains (dodging cars intent on running cyclists off the road, haha).
Since it'll be Pete's first time to Florida we're both looking forward to this potential ride and just have a few more hoops to jump through before it becomes a reality.

Until next time.

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