Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Stuff

Well...I figured I'd use this slow time at work today to let everyone know what I've been up to so far this summer. Working (because I'm poor), hanging out, and taking a couple trips. My girlfriend and I have now hiked two segments of the Ice Age Trail here in Wisconsin. The IAT is a trail that (hopefully) in the future will be a 1400+ mile trail that will hopefully go all around Wisconsin.

Anyways...we did the Parrish Hills and Harrison Hills segment in late April, and then after finals were over here in Madison we did a segment in Kettle Moraine state park. Both were amazing. We have posted pictures on our shutterfly site: You can see it here

Let's see...other than that I'm just training for the trip with the team in August. I'm super excited. Really excited to get Kyle back out to the mountains after he unfortunately was unable to come out last summer. Although he has a totally legit reason (he was getting his seeing-eye dog, Terone) it still sucked to not have him out there. I guess the good thing was that the rest of us could strengthen our skills before throwing a blind guy into the mix, so I guess that's good. Kyle recently got some arc' teryk bibs from the Gore-Tex product testing program we are a part of, and got his boots too, so we're getting him geared up.

Kyle's heading off to school soon. I told him that he needed to use Terone (his seeing-eye dog) for everything it's worth (more than just for guiding him). Everyone knows ladies love cute golden retriever dogs ;).

Anyways enough of me rambling. I"m trying to nag the team to post here a little more often, but everyone's so dang busy. Thanks for following along.

Climb high,

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